This blog was created for myself to complete the $1000 scholorship with Microsoft that i received towards the end of the year 2004

Location: Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

I'm 16 years of age. I am short, spiky hair, brown eyes and year 11 at Shepparton high School

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fifth Day at Microsoft

Today more technical problems have arised when installing SQL team foundation. Not sure how to solve the problem at this stage but it is a VSTF error. I haven't heard of these errors but are told they are very hard to install.
David is now taking myself out with him to some meetings which will be very interesting.

We arrived at a place in Collins street at around 11:30. David then set up to prepare for his presentation. After david finished setting up most of the people started arriving and then he was on his way. David then presented a sixty minute presentation on a program called biz talk. David talked about the program, the functions of the program, what the program does and can do and how to do it. David also went through step by step how to create an application. During the presentation there were a few problems with the program but David managed and done a very good job.
After the presentation David, a few others and I had some lunch. We then headed back to Microsoft at the Como centre and spent sometime there before I headed home from this great day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fourth Day At Microsoft

Today I am working with a man by the name of Mark Cleary. He is a consultant for Microsoft and today I am working with a program called Media Centre. This program allows the viewer of the computer to watch and record tv, listen to music and the radio. It is also possible to watch pay tv. With an infra red device when put against the set top box, the sensor reads it and allows you to watch it. You have to tune the channels into the computer but in America there is a tv guide that you may download or may be already on the program. With this guide you may choose what show you would like to watch and just click on it and it will appear. I am unable to try the program out after working on it because we don't have an antenna or a set top box. Mark and myself went to a Tandy store not very far from the como tower and purchased an antenna. Once we arrived back we plugged it in and done a scan to see if it would detect the antenna and it did. We then tried to watch tv, it wasn't a very good image so we changed desks more closer to a window and some of the channels worked.
This program allows you to rewind the show you are watching and record, when the pause button is push then it starts recording automatically. Smart software don't you think????

Third Day At Microsoft

Today I am installing a program called SQL server. This program consists of several installations and downloading in order to complete the installation. This software was very sensitive. During the process of the installation there were many difficulties that are yet to be solved.This afternoon the client side of the software was fine but the technical side of it was still difficult but we managed and completed it. After the installation finished it was time to go to a meeting with my mentor, with the health department and we discussed various things. The day was very interesting, especially the meeting that i attended.

Second Day At Microsoft

On the second day I arrived at 8:45, nice and early to be ready for a great day ahead of me. In the morning I was still buidling my computer to meet my requirements and still installing software. After I had installed what i needed the hard drive on my computer crashed, and lost everything I had. I then had to get another hard drive from my mentor and start all over again. What a start to a microsoft day.
It is the afternoon and I have now finished buidling my computer and started working on something else. I am creating a server that translates data or information into code and and am still working on this task.

First Day At Microsoft

On the 27th of the 6th was the day I start work experience at my dream work!!! Microsoft. I arrived at 9 o'clock and met my mentors. They showed me around and i met everyone there.
I'm really looking forward to the rest day and the rest of my experience at Microsoft.
After the tour of Microsoft I had to build a computer that met the requirements of the work that I will be doing. I am still currently building the computer that meets the requirements and this will also be for my mentor so he can have a demo computer with certain software.