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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fifth Day at Microsoft

Today more technical problems have arised when installing SQL team foundation. Not sure how to solve the problem at this stage but it is a VSTF error. I haven't heard of these errors but are told they are very hard to install.
David is now taking myself out with him to some meetings which will be very interesting.

We arrived at a place in Collins street at around 11:30. David then set up to prepare for his presentation. After david finished setting up most of the people started arriving and then he was on his way. David then presented a sixty minute presentation on a program called biz talk. David talked about the program, the functions of the program, what the program does and can do and how to do it. David also went through step by step how to create an application. During the presentation there were a few problems with the program but David managed and done a very good job.
After the presentation David, a few others and I had some lunch. We then headed back to Microsoft at the Como centre and spent sometime there before I headed home from this great day.


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