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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fourth Day At Microsoft

Today I am working with a man by the name of Mark Cleary. He is a consultant for Microsoft and today I am working with a program called Media Centre. This program allows the viewer of the computer to watch and record tv, listen to music and the radio. It is also possible to watch pay tv. With an infra red device when put against the set top box, the sensor reads it and allows you to watch it. You have to tune the channels into the computer but in America there is a tv guide that you may download or may be already on the program. With this guide you may choose what show you would like to watch and just click on it and it will appear. I am unable to try the program out after working on it because we don't have an antenna or a set top box. Mark and myself went to a Tandy store not very far from the como tower and purchased an antenna. Once we arrived back we plugged it in and done a scan to see if it would detect the antenna and it did. We then tried to watch tv, it wasn't a very good image so we changed desks more closer to a window and some of the channels worked.
This program allows you to rewind the show you are watching and record, when the pause button is push then it starts recording automatically. Smart software don't you think????


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