This blog was created for myself to complete the $1000 scholorship with Microsoft that i received towards the end of the year 2004

Location: Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

I'm 16 years of age. I am short, spiky hair, brown eyes and year 11 at Shepparton high School

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Second Day At Microsoft

On the second day I arrived at 8:45, nice and early to be ready for a great day ahead of me. In the morning I was still buidling my computer to meet my requirements and still installing software. After I had installed what i needed the hard drive on my computer crashed, and lost everything I had. I then had to get another hard drive from my mentor and start all over again. What a start to a microsoft day.
It is the afternoon and I have now finished buidling my computer and started working on something else. I am creating a server that translates data or information into code and and am still working on this task.


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