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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Eighth Day At Microsoft

Today i'm working with Pen once again. The first thing i was asigned was to complete a few exercises on infopath. This were some lab samples just so i could get to know the program before Pen gave me the work that she wanted me to complete. The exercises were intructions to doing certain things eg: designing an infopath, inserting things etc..
Once i completed these exercises Pen gave me instruction on what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to create an infopath Booking Request for the internet for the new room that is being set up. The Booking Request was just a sheet that you have to fill out to book the room. This request requires account details, session details, who is attending, what is their position and their organization etc...
Once i finished creating the request i had to make all of the options appear once BPC Customer Sessions is selected. This is not hard once you get to know the program but i found it a little difficult as it was the first time i used this program but it was finished.


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