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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Last Day At Microsoft

Today is my last day at microsoft. Although it's been excellent it's till sad to leave. Everything and everyone is just great!!!
On this day i am working with Pen. The new lab room as i mentioned earlier in another blog that they are setting this room up and should be finished by today so i am helping Pen get it finished. At the moment i am setting up two hp desktops that are going to go in the lab room as there are i beleive four or five plamsa screens. Pen has just left and will be back very shortly. I have set up one hp desktop but do not know the password to the other hp desktop to access it.
When working with Pen on Wednesday i created an infopath document for the booking requests to book the lab room for demos etc.. The document was complete on the day and i now have to upload the document to http://anzmelts/bpc/. It was straight forward what i have to do, just create a new site from the library and browse for the file.
Later in the day the productivity room has been set up and now i have to set up the two hp desktops in the room.
I am now just doing some editing on the infopath document and then uploading it once again. At 4 o'clock the staff and myself going to the como centre to have some drinks because this is my last day.


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