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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Second Last Day At Microsoft

Today is my second last day at Microsoft. The past few weeks at Microsoft have been excellent. I never expected it to turn out this good but the adventure is almost at an end.
Today i am working with Mark Cleary. This morning Mark Cleary emailed jill to let her know he will be at work at 11 0'clock because of a meeting he had to attend. From 9am till 11:30am. I than asked Nick Ward if he would like me to do anything for him, he didn't ahve anything planned for me to do but he said just to make a report using report services and just understand the program.

Mark just arrived back from his meeting. Mark has asigned me to once again do somethings about the movie/show guide for media centre. A guide is not provided in Australia. Mark wants me to visit a website This website tells you what is on and when. Mark beleives that it is possible to create a guide through code and linking it back to the website with the movies/shows you request to see the times for.


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