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I'm 16 years of age. I am short, spiky hair, brown eyes and year 11 at Shepparton high School

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Seventh Day At Microsoft

Today i am working with a lady by the name of Pen Lewin. I just arrived at work though Pen had to run out somewhere and didn't arrive back for quite sometime. She did leave me with some work for me to do for her, and that was to install Microsoft office 2003 edition onto two laptops that she had in her office. She left me the laptops and a Micorsoft office box but with no cd.
Once i saw that there was no cd i went to Nick Ward for advice on what to do so i then went to the productsweb website but needed someones name and password. That's where Nick comes in handly. He then wrote his name and password so i could then download microsoft office and install it on both of Pen's computers. Once this was done i didn't have any other instructions so Mark came and saw me and ask for me search through google for a guide that doesn't exist in Australia for Media Centre. The guide allows you to choose a movie or a show to watch all you have to do is click.
After i did some research and didn't find and helpful information i then just continued on with some reports and on the side a was working on a website that i am creating just for fun based on a business i would like to have one day.


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