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I'm 16 years of age. I am short, spiky hair, brown eyes and year 11 at Shepparton high School

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sixth Day At Microsoft

Today is the 11 of july. This is my first day back from a week off because of Microsoft team had to attend meetings in sydney. Today i am working with Nick Ward. Nick has organised another laptop for myself because My. Watson is not present. Nick Ward at the moment has got me to install windows web server 2003. After i had installed this then i moved on to install virtual PC, then create a new virtual P with an existing file. A virtual PC allowes in other words to use two windows on the one computer and also allows you to access both windows at the same time without any interruption between the two windows, pretty cool. Once this was done i then had to install SQL server and visual studio, i have had trouble doing this is the past but hope that nothing will go wrong.
I have now finished installing SQL server with only one error! now i am creating reports and applications using SQL server and vitual Pc.


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